890 Children Guitar



To enable a short-scale/fractional guitar (children guitar) to sound and feel "correct", it is especially necessary to use specially designed strings.

Through the smaller body and shorter neck student guitars have a significantly shorter scale length.

If you were to cut a full-size 4/4 guitar string, the string tension would be reduced significatly, on a 3/4 instrument at least 15% too low tension (Taylor's formula). The results are string rattling on the fretboard, nasal sound, "fifths uncleanness" and "sloppy" playability.

Therefore, you should only use our specially designed and manufactured strings on children guitars.

The Hannabach 890 series offers the perfectly mached strings for guitars in sizes of 1/8 (scale 44-48cm), 1/4 (scale 49-52cm), 1/2 (scale 53-56cm), 3/4 (scale 57-61cm) and 7/8 (scale 62-64cm).

Available in medium tension as complete set with plain and wound G3-string and as single strings.